How to divorce without tearing your family apart shows that fighting in divorce court rarely produces a real winner.

Joanne Shuttleworth writes (excerpt):
“It’s not for everyone, but for most people, it allows more dignity and control over the matter,” Rinnie said. “With this process, we can sit down and talk about what a good solution looks like. We can get a result that is better for both parties.”

And that can only be better for children, said Annette Katchaluba, a social worker and parenting co-ordinator with the counselling firm By Peaceful Waters.

How well children recover from divorce depends on how well the two parents can deal with each other, she said.

“Sometimes we help them not be married anymore,” Katchaluba said. “You have to form a business relationship, and the business is the children. We help couples get out of the pattern of conflict.”

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