Feeling vulnerable: Choosing collaborative divorce over litigation

Single Parent Gossip shares the method for using collaborative law to resolve your divorce out of court.

Talibah Mbonisi writes (excerpt):
. . . In this cooperative framework, both parties also agree to:
– Act in their children’s best interests to minimize any negative impact that the situation could have on them.
– Be respectful to one another, stay constructive in their communication and to act in good faith.
– Disclose all relevant information to the other party and the Collaborative team, hide nothing that could be material to the negotiation and to refrain from using the other party’s mistakes against them.
– Maintain confidentiality

All this cooperation may sound a bit foreign, scary even, at a time when both parties may feel very vulnerable. Still, practitioners suggest that likelihood of resolution extremely high through this process and that it can be shorter, less expensive and lower conflict process the traditional path.

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