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Collaborative divorce: saving with solutions

Date April 3, 2011

CBS Money Watch offer’s Jane Bryant Quinn “10 Steps” for saving your assets in a divorce settlement.
Jane Bryant Quinn writes (excerpt):
10. Put $$$ in your pocket by avoiding a battle with your spouse. In hard times, divorcing couples struggle for every dime. But the more you fight, the more of those dimes vanish in lawyer’s […]

Happy divorces: using collaborative divorce to avoid more trauma

Date June 26, 2009

Smart Money shows how making joint decisions can cost less and feel better.
Aleksandra Todorova writes (excerpt):
The goal of collaborative divorce is to avoid that. “In a collaborative divorce, the decisions have to be made by the couple,” Stoner says. The two sides and their attorneys meet together and talk until they reach an agreement everyone […]

Honorable peace at 75% off

Date December 20, 2007

The Associated Press discusses how couples are resolving their divorces through the collaborative process.
David Crary writes (excerpt):
In contrast to mediation, in which divorcing couples entrust a resolution to a single neutral mediator, collaborative divorce involves the use of attorneys for each party, often joined by other expert consultants. But the lawyers, instead of sparring, pledge […]