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Conflicting perceptions: Can you collaborate?

Date October 12, 2010

“Everything you can imagine is real.”–Pablo Picasso
You’ve heard the saying: Perception is reality. So how can we collaborate through divorce negotiations to a fair resolution when you and your spouse start with such vastly different sets of perceptions?
As strange as it seems, the collaborative divorce process actually moves you through perceptions by promoting fairness […]

Feeling vulnerable: Choosing collaborative divorce over litigation

Date November 3, 2009

Single Parent Gossip shares the method for using collaborative law to resolve your divorce out of court.
Talibah Mbonisi writes (excerpt):
. . . In this cooperative framework, both parties also agree to:
- Act in their children’s best interests to minimize any negative impact that the situation could have on them.
- Be respectful to one another, stay […]

Stu Webb: There must be a better way to divorce

Date October 22, 2009

Business Wire announces the recognition for Stu Webb, the founding father of collaborative divorce (excerpt):
Stu Webb’s initial vision to adopt a respectful, collaborative alternative to emotionally damaging litigation has spread around the world. Today, more than 3,000 professionals from 20 countries are known to use the Collaborative approach to divorce.
“As a family law practitioner and […]

Happy divorces: using collaborative divorce to avoid more trauma

Date June 26, 2009

Smart Money shows how making joint decisions can cost less and feel better.
Aleksandra Todorova writes (excerpt):
The goal of collaborative divorce is to avoid that. “In a collaborative divorce, the decisions have to be made by the couple,” Stoner says. The two sides and their attorneys meet together and talk until they reach an agreement everyone […]

Completely different: functioning as co-parents after the collaborative divorce

Date May 6, 2009

The Fort Worth Business Press how to work through complicated divorce issues with collaborative divorce attorneys.
Leslie Wimmer writes (excerpt):
In traditional cases “you have mom and dad either going to court or preparing to go to court and more or less preparing to say every bad thing the other parent did, every flaw in their character, […]

Collaborative divorce offers choice, control and civility

Date November 8, 2008

Dallas-Fort Worth’s CBS 11 News investigated how Collaborative Divorce helps lower the stress on divorcing couples.
Tracy Kornet reported (excerpt):
During this process, the husband, wife and their attorneys work together — in private — to find a way to meet each individual’s needs.
“The process is so structured,” Denton explained. “It allows folks to get through and […]

The best divorce for kids (and parents): Collaborative divorce

Date August 12, 2008

The Wall Street Journalhighlights collaborative divorce as “best for kids–and parents”, with news of another celebrity divorce (Robin Williams and his wife, Marcia Garces Williams).
Stephanie Coontz writes (excerpt):
Collaborative divorce takes this cooperative spirit even further: The divorcing couple and their attorneys agree in advance that they will disclose all pertinent information and will jointly engage […]