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Conflicting perceptions: Can you collaborate?

Date October 12, 2010

“Everything you can imagine is real.”–Pablo Picasso
You’ve heard the saying: Perception is reality. So how can we collaborate through divorce negotiations to a fair resolution when you and your spouse start with such vastly different sets of perceptions?
As strange as it seems, the collaborative divorce process actually moves you through perceptions by promoting fairness […]

Feeling vulnerable: Choosing collaborative divorce over litigation

Date November 3, 2009

Single Parent Gossip shares the method for using collaborative law to resolve your divorce out of court.
Talibah Mbonisi writes (excerpt):
. . . In this cooperative framework, both parties also agree to:
- Act in their children’s best interests to minimize any negative impact that the situation could have on them.
- Be respectful to one another, stay […]

Collaborative Divorce Coaches: Emotions, communication, co-parenting

Date August 23, 2009

The Traverse City Record-Eagle highlights the value of divorce coaches in the Collaborative Divorce process.
Vanessa McCray writes (excerpt):
But feelings and the family’s future are not to be overlooked. Divorce is a “devastating and emotionally intense time, even if you’ve chosen to use this model,” she said. Franseen acts as a divorce coach who instructs the […]

Collaborative divorce, communication skills for parents

Date May 25, 2009

The Orlando Sentinel reports on how collaborative divorce promotes a kinder, gentler process.
Mark Schlueb writes (excerpt):
“You’re focusing on the children from the start,” she said. “And people who have been through it say they came out with communication skills they didn’t have before.”
“What makes judges so sad is we see people fighting desperately, but if […]

Completely different: functioning as co-parents after the collaborative divorce

Date May 6, 2009

The Fort Worth Business Press how to work through complicated divorce issues with collaborative divorce attorneys.
Leslie Wimmer writes (excerpt):
In traditional cases “you have mom and dad either going to court or preparing to go to court and more or less preparing to say every bad thing the other parent did, every flaw in their character, […]

How to divorce without tearing your family apart

Date May 5, 2009

guelphmercury.com shows that fighting in divorce court rarely produces a real winner.
Joanne Shuttleworth writes (excerpt):
“It’s not for everyone, but for most people, it allows more dignity and control over the matter,” Rinnie said. “With this process, we can sit down and talk about what a good solution looks like. We can get a result that […]

Collaborative divorce leads to quantifiable improvements in relationships

Date May 2, 2009

DailyCamera.com shows how Working together to separate and divorce leads to better outcomes.
Aimee Heckel writes (excerpt):
But the collaborative process seems to be more effective than a judge throwing down the gavel. A 2005 Canadian study showed more clients were satisfied after a collaborative divorce, and that it led to quantifiable improvements in the relationships between […]

Parenting after the divorce: Resolving custody issues through collaborative divorce

Date May 31, 2008

The Union shows the growing trend toward collaborative divorce.
Janet Harley writes (excerpt):
Parents who still must raise their children together are unable to look at each other, much less talk to each other. Those of us working in the field know that the courtroom is not the best place to resolve the custody and financial issues […]